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The Allround School for
the Allround kid.

Find what you love, love what you find!

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One is a class, two is a contest, too many is a bore.

Learning in small, collaborative groups for high engagement, personalised attention and a space to express and grow.

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All that glitters is all of you.

An Allround focus on learning, growth, peer interaction, confidence and all the things that make

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Come (A)Live with the best!

We’ve been Allround, we’ve done it all. And now we’re taking on a new voyage with you.

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dance teacher
chess teacher
dance teacher
piano teacher

Here’s who’s been part of our adventures!

different brands of schools and companies different brands of schools and companies

And the map just keeps expanding.

Carefully crafted
personalized learning path

Carefully crafted flexible learning journey by understanding your kid's interests and ambitions

picking the building blocks of learning